Monday, March 30, 2009

Looking At: Cheese Boards

I've had to back off cheese lately, out of sheer guilt, since getting the results of a blood test a few months ago. But really, there's nothing I like better than a carefully chosen and beautifully presented cheese board. You could lay out your cheese on just about anything -- a plate, any old kitchen board, a paper napkin -- but if you are looking for a fun way to put some pizazz into your entertaining, try one of these boards.

  1. This 12x12 cutting board sporting the face of Marilyn Monroe isn't specifically made for cheese, but it is stain- and odor-resistant and easily goes in the dishwasher. ($32, from
  2. Made from stoneware by an artist in San Francisco, this unique piece comes with a set of serving knives and is as decorative as it is functional. ($95, from
  3. A handy and affordable find, this small, square board comes with four serving tools and features a drawer for keeping the tools close at hand, but out of sight. ($26.99, from
  4. Made from distinctly patterned olive wood, this exotic board is made by Peruvian artisans. Because of the price and the beauty of the wood, I'd probably choose to serve pre-sliced cheese on this board to prevent it from getting scratches and cuts. ($45.99, from
  5. Another set that comes with its own tools, this one from All-Clad features a beautiful marble board set into a stainless steel trivet. It all looks a bit all-you-can-eat buffet to me, but I like it nonetheless. ($99.99, from
  6. I love the way you can write the names of the cheeses on this slate board with chalk. It's infinitely customizable and the slate keeps the cheeses cool after they've been set out. (£16.95, approximately $24, from
  7. This board of Mexican alabaster is made to resemble a wedge of Swiss cheese and is sure to be a conversation piece at your next party. ($100, from
  8. Handmade of walnut wood with an inlay of turquoise, I'd be careful not to get this board wet or serve a very soft cheese on it, which would necessitate washing it. ($15, from Clio)

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