Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Biggest Cheese

The folks at Artisanal set a world's record yesterday on NBC's Today Show by making the largest cheese fondue ever - 2100 pounds of it cooked in a cast iron pot in Rockefeller Center. Left, Terrance Brennan of Artisanal tastes the results.

(On Tuesday I helped prepare the buckets of white wine that went into the mixture and I can tell you that the sight of a garbage pail filled with warm, yellow Chardonnay is in itself one for the record books - not a pretty sight!)

Anyway, MSNBC has shared the recipe for fondue which, if you haven't tried it at home, is a must. It's a real treat. I hope the homeless people who ate the leftovers from yesterday's stunt enjoyed it!

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  1. carriemccully4:24 PM

    Hey Zahra,
    This is funny. I just got a Google alert that you and I both wrote about the experience with Terrance on wednesday. I wonder if I saw you on set?
    Interesting thing about both of us writing about him, is that my daughters name is Zara!
    All the Best, carrie