Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Many Faces of Bergamot

I have a small amount of bergamot growing in my window right now. As you can see, they're still just babies but I'm already giving some thought to how I can put them to use later on in the season.

Here are some ideas I came across:

Bergamot jelly might be fun to try in the late summer or fall when it's apple season.

Using the bergamot leaves in citrus sorbet or as a flavoring for pork or even fish.

A handful of leaves could be brewed as a mild tea, or added to lemonade or iced tea (like the Luzianne I picked up in New Orleans last year).

It's important to note that this herb is differentiated from bergamot oranges, the rinds of which give that distinct flavor to Earl Grey tea. What I have is of the mint family and is also known as 'bee balm.'

Anyone have suggestions for cool ways I can use my new acquisition?

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