Thursday, May 03, 2007

Size does matter, shilling for votes and a strange reward

12 inches of hunka-hunka burning meat
Gothamist reviews Prime Burger Cafe, which serves not only burgers but foot-long Kobe hot dogs. It looks like it might be worth a try - could either be delicious or your 'wurst' enemy!

Do I have to eat them all at once?
A Utah restaurant is looking for the crook who stole $3,000 from them last month. Seeing as all the cash is gone, the restaurant is offering an unusual reward to anyone who provides information that can lead to an arrest - 500 tacos. At over $2 a pop - that's worth about $1,200! Wonder if you'll have to pay for a little guac on the side?

This just in...

If you're one of those people who still reads Zagat's before heading out to eat, then the New York Post has got some news for you. The people who write in may have been influenced by some strategic 'ballot-stuffing' techniques engineered by the sneaky restauranteurs themselves... For those of you shattered by the thought, try this:

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