Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick and Easy Pesto, Hold the Basil

Sometimes when we're in Canada we're so overwhelmed by the 99 cent broccoli rabe (rapini) in the supermarket that we go a little overboard, buying way more than can possibly be eaten in one sitting... But when a sad little bunch sells for $3.99 in New York, who can resist?

So it was that we ended up with a container of frozen rapini which had been boiled and set aside. There's no problem with just defrosting this and having it for dinner with some crusty bread, but yesterday I was feeling adventurous.

I quickly defrosted the greens and then put them in the food processor with a handful of walnuts, chopped garlic, basil, olive oil and parmesan. Blitz, and voila! A creamy, delicious rapini pesto. I think it could have used a shade of something sour or acidic, and maybe a bit of spice, but it was terrific nonetheless, if I may say so myself.

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