Sunday, August 30, 2009

Live Blogging: Iron Chef Coconut Battle

9:59pm -- Wow, close score. Good exposure for Mehta, no doubt, but I think the Iron Chef deserved it based on his original ingredients. But I'll still take dinner at Nobu over dinner at Graffiti... Maybe it's just spite. Thanks for reading!

9:54pm -- Well, Jehangir seemed to have impressed them with his desserts, which is not surprising since he was a pastry chef. But was it enough to edge out the Iron Chef?

9:50pm -- Did I just hear "wedge-eh-tubbles"?

9:45pm -- Have just realized that my "live blog" is really lacking in insight and is just incessant rambling as the TV show is on... Sorry readers! My husband is away or I probably wouldn't have subjected you to this! He would have had to bear the brunt of my incessant rambling instead.

9:44pm -- Ponytails on men are pretty passé but I gotta say Morimoto rocks his.

9:43pm -- Look at Tiki struggling with his chopsticks! Get the man a fork please!

9:42pm -- Oooohhhh! The iceberg lettuce was on Morimoto's side? Hard to watch carefully AND write a blog! Sorry Jung-gear.

9:41pm -- Wouldn't cold coconut soup leave a film on the roof of your mouth?

9:40pm -- I don't think Mehta won too many points on originality.

9:38pm -- Oh come on! Pop Rocks?

9:37pm -- It's pretty ballsy to pick Morimoto as your opponent. Unless you have no intention of winning.

9:32pm -- Here's a Kopra Paak recipe that's pretty on-target, but I hate that they call it "Coconut Fudge Delight..."

9:29pm -- My favorite Parsi dessert is shredded coconut with sugar and butter. It's called Kopra Paak and my great-aunt makes the best!

9:29pm -- This is certainly not shaping up to be a particularly healthy meal for the judges. Coconuts are high in fat and cholesterol and there's lots of frying and sugar going on there.

9:27pm -- Coconut maki rolls!! Lovely idea.

9:26pm -- Harold McGee says that the word coconut "comes from the Portuguese coco, which means goblin or monkey."

9:17pm -- I love that Morimoto needs subtitles. And that he brought such a rare ingredient no one has ever seen it before, while Mehta brings out the iceberg lettuce...

9:14pm -- Fish poached in coconut milk... Yum!

9:10pm -- In the commercial break, I'll let you know which side of this battle I'm on. You might think I'd be rooting for my fellow Parsi, but not only am I a big fan of Morimoto, I'm NOT a big fan of Mehta. I once asked him for a donation for a fundraiser and he took the free ad we offered him but never provided the free prize he promised us. Like an elephant, I never forget.

9:09pm -- By way of explanation, I'm particularly interested in this Iron Chef episode because the challenger is a fellow "Parsi" -- a member of a small tribe of Indian Zoroastrians. We're usually fiercely proud of anyone who makes it big -- like Freddy Mercury and Zubin Mehta (no relation to Jehangir, by the way).

9:07pm -- Iron Chef Morimoto-san is such a rock star he just broke his hammer!

9:04pm -- First of all, Alton Brown called him "Juh-hanger May-duh" ... shouldn't Mehta's PR people have told the producers that his name is pronounced more like "Jung-gear Meh-tah?


  1. galaxyquest1:35 AM

    so who won?

  2. The Iron Chef always wins!

  3. galaxy quest11:05 AM

    Thanks. On another topic. In the original show, they had ditzy actors and airhead athletes who clearly had no idea what they eating, but still came up with great lines like "when I eat this I think I am on clouds." If they are going to have Tiki Barber on there, couldn't they at least give him free rein to 'flame?" If sounds like they told him to 'taste' for the coconut in the dish, and pretty much let it go after that. If only he'd say stuff like this tastes like a Touchdown, or this is better than eating dirt at Giant Stadium, or something

  4. Totally agree Galaxy Quest, though he did provide comic relief in the sense that he was clearly just starved and wanted to eat. And he really, really didn't want to eat with chopsticks! I'd love to see the footage that ended up on the cutting room floor!

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  6. hahaha wow amazing, thanks for let it know how the shows was going, I couldn't watch it because I was in my job, but thank god i work with internet.