Monday, June 01, 2009

Looking At: Teapots

I'm heading to London in a few weeks for a much-needed vacation. When I think of the U.K., I think of tea and to me, a nice cuppa tastes better from a great looking pot.

This quirky number shaped like a camel may not be the most practical but it is a definite conversation starter, and a steal at just $13.99 -- it would make a great gift too.

This one from the modern art museum in San Francisco is a splurge, but how cool is it? Designed by Joey Roth and known as the "Sorapot," it brews just enough for two cups of tea.

From comes this handmade cat teapot thrown on a potter's wheel and made with high fire stoneware clay...

... or this lovely speckled stoneware pot with a looping handle, also from etsy.

I like the shape of this pot from Ikea, but past experience has proven that they're not the most durable bits of equipment.

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