Friday, April 11, 2008

Water. The New Wine?

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive bottled waters in the world were? I didn't think so... I wouldn't have thought that many people would spend much time thinking about it, but I always forget how many people there are with more money than brains.

Michael Mascha hasn't forgotten. In fact, he wrote a book called Fine Waters: A Connoisseur's Guide to the World's Most Distinctive Bottled Waters. The book, he says, introduces people to "the epicurean delights of water."

Bottled water is the next wine, Mascha tells Forbes Traveler. Like wine, he says bottled water has terroir, or a sense of place.

While this insanity rages, charity: water is trying to raise awareness about the lack of safe drinking water in so many parts of the world. They've released a fairly provocative PSA produced by the director of Hotel Rwanda. The video, embedded below, shows a mother in New York City walking to Central Park with a jerry can to collect water from the lake, just as millions of people in the developing world do every day.

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  1. Zahra,
    Great post. It inspired me to rant on my blog about Evian in Bangalore!
    Till the early 90s, only Western tourists to India would be seen drinking bottled water. Then people started buying bottled water when they travelled. Now a lot of people buy water for their homes. The quality of the municipal tap water in India is bad, but I am not sure whether it has declined so much in a decade! Greater forces are at work...