Monday, March 24, 2008

Late night cookies to the rescue

Maybe you've been working late... You're wired but you can't sleep. What you really want is a cookie. A nice warm cookie, fresh out of the oven. And maybe a glass of milk. And what you want more than anything is for someone to bring it right to you so you don't have to get up.

Help, in the form of Insomnia Cookies, is on the way. The company was started by Seth Berkowitz while he was a student at UPenn, as a delivery service for fellow classmates on campus. These days, the delivery zone takes in a dozen college campuses around the country and the company will even deliver to some off-campus residents in downtown Manhattan. Franchise opportunities are also available.

So how much would you pay for hot cookies delivered to your door? Most cookies are about $.90 each and the delivery minimum is &6.00. And is the price worth it? The smell of freshly baked cookies alone is practically worth it. The cookies are not bad, although they could be likened to a glorified Mrs. Fields. They are soft when warm but crisp up quickly when they cool off. So if this is the kind of indulgence you find yourself reaching for in the wee hours, order just enough for the night and eat them quickly!!

- NY Magazine, Restaurant Openings Week of March 31

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