Monday, October 01, 2007

How to Foodie up your Facebook profile

Facebook really is about more than posting pictures and seeing what your friends are up to. REALLY, it is!

Here are a few ways to indulge your gourmet passions (and justify spending even MORE time on Facebook)

Recipe of the Day from Chow
Feeds a new recipe to your profile every weekday, including step-by-step instructions and, now, videos!

Cocktail Recipes
Tell this app what's in your bar and it will tell you what cocktails you can make (if any). This one takes some experimentation. For example, I told it I had lemonade, amaretto and ice and it told me it couldn't do anything with that...

Menuism's Eating app allows you to update and share what you're eating and who you ate with, track your favorite restaurants, tap into your friends' dining experiences through their restaurant reviews and post your favorite foods on your profile.

And now for a little Facebook mystery. Maybe someone can help me solve it? There's a profile in Facebook for 'Anthony Bourdain'. It's highly unlikely that it is really him, but then... you never know? Does anyone have any intel on this?

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