Friday, August 17, 2007

Go Go Grammar

A new fast food craze has hit New York, thanks to our friends in Japan. It's called Go Go Curry and it's more popular than a cupcake at a weight watchers meeting.

As with most Japanese imports, the franchise has a great design ethic with bright colors and bold patterns. It also, curiously, sports a gorilla for a mascot and an obtuse baseball theme. Curry plates come in four sizes - Walk, Single, Double and Triple. For about $7 or $8, you'll get a plate of rice covered in Japanese curry sauce and your choice of topping: fukuzinzuke anyone? Or some natto maybe?

My favorite thing about their website (never mind the food for now) is that it is short on words, but every one of them packs a punch. Where emphasis is needed, all caps and exclamation marks come to the rescue. "Menu!" "To GO EVERYDAY! OK!" "5th, 15th, 25th - GO GO DAY!"

At the bottom of the homepage is a link to a site that looks too good to pass up: "pecopeco! Delicious Website for Hungry Japanese!" One click and I am greeted with a site fully in Japanese. The only English words on the page are "Let's Drink Beer!".

Why not, my friends? Why not?

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