Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Day in the Park

Picture this:

It's summer, the weather is fine and you have been invited to a picnic in the park. You are looking forward to spending the day in the sun with good friends. In your excitement, you write to the party's host, telling her how you can't wait to "go to the picnic", and how it has been a while since you've had a chance to "enjoy the fresh air" and romp with "the dogs". You say it will be fun "to play football" in the park and you're looking forward to "eating cheese" and having a sip of wine.


You might want to think again before sending that message. You might have the feds on your tail.

The New York Times reports that the F.B.I. has cracked a secret code used by terrorist cells when planning attacks (F.B.I. Agent Tells Padilla Jury of Coded Plans for Jihad)

Following are code words, and their meanings, as described by an F.B.I. agent testifying at the federal trial of Jose Padilla and two other terrorism suspects. Defense lawyers have challenged the government’s interpretations.

“go to the picnic” = travel to an area of jihad

“married” = killed or martyred

“the dogs” = the United States government

“playing football” and “to eat cheese” = engaging in jihad

“the students” = the Taliban

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  1. “to eat cheese” = engaging in jihad

    My my my.... and you, with your "cheese of the week" segment!

    Is there something I should know about you Z? :^b