Thursday, October 26, 2006

Scary Foods

With Halloween fast approaching - a time of witches, ghosts and goblins - let's talk about freaky foods. Here are just a few:

Kaleh Pacheh : literally meaning 'head and foot', this dish is made from the heads and feet of sheep or lamb and serves as breakfast throughout parts of the Middle East.

Gearbox Soup: a Malaysian specialty made of cow's bone marrow and knees.

"Pocket" sandwiches: the U.S. army introduced the indestructible sandwich, designed to survive the rough military lifestyle and stay "fresh" for up to three years without dehydration.

White Castle "slyders": small, square, steam-grilled burgers cooked over a bed of dehydrated onions and eaten by the sack.

Head cheese: another frightening use for otherwise undesirable meat parts including pigs and cow's heads, as well as feet, tongues and hearts, this is not actually a cheese at all but a gelatinous sausage (see photo) that's hardly more appealing by it's French name: fromage de tĂȘte.


  1. OK - now it's your turn to tell me about your scariest food experience!

  2. It's all about scrapple.

    Sitting in a rural Pennsylvania diner one morning, a group of us pondered this indescribably awful delicacy.

    What exactly IS scrapple?

    "The southbound portion of a northbound pig," said one.

    "More outside parts than inside parts," chimed another.

    "I dunno," shrugged one girl. Adding forcefully, "but I'm NOT eating it."

  3. I love White Castle burgers (slyders)... the best bargain for less than a buck...heck you can buy them in grocery stores down here in VA!!!!


  4. The most terrifying food I have ever encountered is hazelnut coffee, but that might be because i am allergic to hazelnuts.

    (I have eaten kaleh pacheh and head cheese and emerged victorious!)

  5. scary foods
    The worst fry up in England for breakfast includes black pudding.
    Black pudding, blood sausage or blood pudding is a sausage made by cooking animal blood with meat, fat or other filler until it is thick enough to congeal when cooled.

  6. everyone forgot haggis!!!

  7. The scariest food I've encountered (aside from the usual haggis, monkey brains, snake bile) is a particular type of fermented fish from Sweden. Apparently, it's SO rank that only a small percentage of Swedes actually eat it. It comes in a tin can or bottle and there is soooooo much gas build-up that they recommend you open the can in a tub of water. Yikes.

  8. Kaleh Pacheh is one of the creepiest looking foods with a great taste! As an Iranian and some might say a bit traditional:)) I love it and its very tasty and best time to eat it is early in the morning 6-7 am and will keep you running till afternoon. most foreigners who come to Iran don't even think of trying it once but from those who have, satisfaction was the prize in return!